let me soul



letmesoul is the only project of the technical professionals who delivered sound solutions to KPOP Star and Super Star K Audition platforms.

We are the new social media of complete different concept which is the audition platform with patented sound technology and video editing technology.

The best professionls are here for you to make your dreams come true

  • The best Korean professionals has joined for musicians and creators with dreams.
  • Korea's top producers, composers, lyricists, choreographers, and stylists are here to support you.
  • The challenge will start form the moments the creators participate in the audition, and it is designed that can generate revenues by making DBs for every stage.
  • Fair and transparent evaluation is possible through our blockchain technology, and right rewards and profits can be shared with creators.
  • Playground for talented people with clear purposes
    Recommendations and ranking system of AI which is beyond from showing-off system and narrow relationship of myself
    Without any expensive equipment and any worries about copyright, it is your own space with full of joy

It is the platform that sharing and enjoying music newly and lightly
A space where consumers who enjoy music can create, enjoy, share, store, brag, and fulfill their dreams with their smart phone anytime, anywhere – it is the vision of the letmesoul's platform.

Professional voice-mixing and video-editing techniques are easy for anyone.

Professional voice-mixing and video-editing techniques are easy for anyone.

A set of advanced and efficient solutions composed of editing techniques by using AR face detection technology and easy-to-use stickers
Provided 3D Lookup Table (LUT) color correction, and a filter module composed of various types of filters
Equipped with professional video editing function and provided real-time preview in high quality without pre-editing by non-linear editing architecture
Organized MVs efficiently in theme modules from multiple videos for easy editing by users

Professional voice-mixing and video-editing techniques are easy for anyone.

makes it easy for anyone to edit and share videos by utilizing video editing techniques such as TikTok.

  • Multi-segment Capturing
  • Background Music
  • Video Speed-Change
  • Animated Sticker
    (Face Detection)
  • Audio Trim
  • Filters
  • Tik Tok Filters Effects
  • Tik Tok Times Effects
    (Reverse、Repeat、Slow Motion)
  • Full Demo Provided



Jeong-hyun Kim / CEO
  • Director of soundtrack and technics at Musiccocktail inc
  • Dean of commecial mucic and electri music at Mode Institute
Jhon LIM / CEO(Head Of Asia)
  • ANR. Hodings group CEO.
  • Shandong Publishing & Media Co., Ltd.
  • (China state owned enterprise) Management VP.
  • Republic of Korea Orders of Merit/Presidential Award Judge
  • Mexico Senate of the Republic (Cámara de Senadores) consultant
  • SK Telecom BizDev. Dirocter
  • SK Networks Telco. B2B PL
  • LG U+ WebHard™ Leader
  • Interpark Group Marketing Team Manager
  • Samsung CnT Internet Biz.
  • CJ DreamTV(Satellite Broadcasting TV)
Jeff Sin / CFO
  • Regional director in Asia Pacific at Microsoft US
  • Director of biz admin at Softbank
  • COO at Softbank Commerce
  • Team leader at Yahoo Korea
  • Microsoft Regional Director
Hayden Jo / CTO
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil, Urban and Geosystem Engineering, Seoul National University
  • Lots of experiences in sound and audio development from 2002
  • Sound solution development for “Superstar K Online” (Korea)
  • Tenor (Taiwan) Karaoke software solution development
  • The first software synthesizer and effector in Korea.
  • Audio DSP hardware/software development
  • Audio DSP specialist
Kael lee / COO
  • Polymath Community Manager
  • VENTASBit Exchange/Strategic Manager
  • The 1st Generation Marketing Corp Member
  • Co-DEX Network Advisor